Wardrobe Consultation

You should be the you YOU want to wear. Let's find out how.

We'll meet to evaluate where you are with your personal look and where I help you take it. We'll explore fits, body types, color families and the brands that fit your personal signature. We'll create visual representations for your referencing and establish goals for what you'll need to reach the best version of you!


Personal Style Moodboard, where we discuss color palettes and styles that cater to you, your needs, preferences, you name it.

Follow-up session via Phone to reconnect about where you are with your road to #stylesuccess and to answer any questions you'll have after enforcing all your new found knowledge.


"Finding a perfect outfit is nerve racking! Once I hired Cristina to give me a wardrobe whipping and super fun shopping experience, my nerves calmed ! She provides excellent service, Confidence, and an overall understanding on how a woman should dress to fit herself. Whenever I'm in an emergency situation she has always been available to answer all my wardrobe questions and offers excellent guidance all via text,email or FaceTime any day , any time! NOW THATS EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Now I dress with more confidence, no worries and love how the new me is looking these days.. Thank You CristinaP you are truly amazing."

Angela Pagan