A Respectable Appearance makes people more interested in your soul - Lagerfeld

She was every form of untraditional. Her hair was kinky, she was the tallest gal in the 3rd grade and Britney Spears just wasn't her steeze. By sketching imaginary glamazons on her parents pay stubs, using any garment as an opportunity to customize,   and hoarding magazines, she began plotting her fashionable escape from her itty Massachusetts hometown. After moving to the Big Apple after high school, she attended The Art Institutes earned a degree in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. She went head first into the retail floor all over SoHo and shnazzy internships with the likes of Daisy Lewellyn (The Queen of Effortless ChΓ­c), celebrity stylist Pamela Watson and dressing on-air personalities at NBC Studios.

Touching women one outfit at a time became a true practice as she learned the ins and outs of dressing the real woman for any lifestyle. She got a knack for fits and building each personal style perspective from the inside out. She had a stint at WGSN (formally Stylesight) and where she was exposed to the cycle of trends and their impact on the world and industry. Playing around with all this content birthed her passion for dressing brand identities as well. 

After taking on fashion corporate, her purpose for styling real women wouldn't leave the dream bank so she turned in her corporate title and keys to her NYC apartment and headed back home to birth The Fuschia Files. #TFF was born out of the need for real women to be connected to the higher vision of themselves at all times. Our purpose is to expose, inspire and motivate women to embrace what their message unto the world is. Our services, content, resources and support will inspire you to wave that said message #BOLDLY. 

with love & fash,

C. Pimentel

#yourpersonalstylist xo