What's Your Turkey Looking Like?

Stuffed Turkey, stuffed stomach shouldn't equal stuffy style to get stuffed.

Say that back to back 6 times.

NOW! The holidays are a time of basking in joy and unison of all things matter, love and morsels. I take these times rather serious and I want to make sure you look your best for the occasion. Although this specific holiday leaves most of us laying around in a food coma, there's no excuse to not be as beautifully dressed as the holiday mascot.  Mixing comfort with some pizzaz while take you from meeting the parents for the first time to kicking it with yours for your familiar turkey leg eating contest. Either way, here's some inspiration for your turkey trip this year.

Most importantly, be thankful for your ability to arrive where you currently are, in what your currently love and with your very favorites. 

w/ love, fash & mash potatoes,

C. Pimentel xo

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