My City Exit


It's very weird. Like overtly. Almost unworldly. 

But it's nice. I shook things up a little bit you guys. A lot a bit actually but I believe in magic. Like I believe in dressing you in it? It's true.

Call me a quack, but I do. I believe that we're guided by the forces of our dreams to do things radically. It's never easy to make desicions that don't effect just yourself and within those desicions, you may leave some pieces of yourself behind too.The process was subtle, mostly within myself but what's the fun of having these opportunity's if not to share them. I'll share them like I share my style and my best wishes for yours. I have much ranting left to do as I've broken up with my first apartment, bottomless brunches and one of the loves of my life (LΓ© Big Manzana) but as entertaining as it will be for you, it'll be rewarding for me. This was the very day I stood in my leap. 

I dressed the part, no? 

This I Leave to My Upcoming #EmpireGirls: 

- Leather Jacket

- Oversized Sunnies

- Loyal yet ΓΌber attractive crossbody bag (gold chains are a plus) 

- A seasonless/weekdayless/occasionless updo

- A boot to exhibit how much you can actually walk and look striking in.  

- and never, ever leave your hunger at home. It sets us aside from everyone everywhere else.  

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel



Faux Leather Moto by Forever21, Men's Plaid Shirt by H&M (similiar), Thigh High Boots by Forever21, Floral Crystal Necklace by Primadonna, Quilted Crossbody Bag by Marshalls