Client Story: Nadia E aka Sporty Spice


So meet Nadia. We're calling her Sporty Spice.

When I did, I found her to be one of the coolest individual's i've ever met. Naturally a spunky girl, lots of spirit but still lots of morals which have made her the most devote fitness chick I can say i've come across. Our styling adventure started when she was going on a very tricky 2nd date. She liked the guy, he liked her, they met at a bar, so this second encounter had to set the story a little clearer in terms of how much of a cool chick she was and how much he'd need to know that in moving forward. Even if that just meant the second round of brewskies. Furthermore, she needed an ensemble that stated this authoritative, lively character. SO we took to Fifth Ave for a fast fashion quickie and one top and bottom combo, ended up in a textured skirt and basic button up, then a pair of jeans with a sick tweed moto jacket, chic suede runners….and, well, you'll see. Long story short, which i'm telling you anyway because it was so juicy, Nadia hadn't done this in a long time. She hadn't bought herself a fresh pair of jeans in over two years, she hadn't purchased a fresh few pairs of tees unless she need one to replace her usual. Needless to say, she hadn't focused on giving herself some TLC in so long she had forgot the feeling of playing dress up in a fitting room with a gal pal. When she would purchase with a purpose, she'd hike up from her actual size and call it a day. We left that girl at home on shopping day.

Some of our key items were a gold bar pendant necklace that's an easy outfit addition for a dainty detail, a pair of dark wash skinny's from H&M to accentuate what "leg day" looks like, a pair of blush pink wedges from Steve Madden to elevate all this attitude while still keeping it comfy and a leather micro mini with chunky matte hardware to make a bold and season appropriate statement.

Nadia has an amazing shape but would let her attachment to comfy attire take the wheel. She stayed away from too much structure which compliments the areas she works so diligently on. Although stylish in her own way, she hadn't explored the current product she's made out of herself. A stronger, faster and fiercer version of herself. The looks I put together for Nadia exhibited the spunk that she naturally owns, comfort that her lifestyle entails, and versatility because after all, she is young and wild and free. #spiceupyourlife


Post Consult:

Nadz has truly become one magnifíc stylish persona all on her own. Check her post session ensembles:

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel


Photo courtesy A. Jadyn

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