Fall 14's Drool List

New season brings new ingredients to season with right?

Mine consist of key pieces to update my SS favorites that I don't retire till the 1st snow storm. Call me clingy. Mixing and matching pieces from season to season is key in #stylesuccess and fiscal fashion (the name of my game). I currently have my heart set on a hefty anorak for the winter and updating my wardrobe wisely with these items allow for some fun and fresh fall behavior. 

Fringe Backpack: My new found interest in carrying a backpack is Stella's fault. It's a perfect option for the ultra diligent gal who carries her world on her shoulders. Now you can do it #enfringe, making multi-tasking stylish. Find here.

Army Bomber: This style will take you (and me) from day to night. Paired with boyfriend jeans (day) or a pencil skirt (night), it's appeals industrial yet chic in our day and age. Brands from Zara to Rag & Bone have made versions of this militant basic. Find here.

Plaid Button-up Shirt: I swear by this item in my wardrobe religiously. All year round. Plaid is instantly imperial already so a fresh collar can only make this your go-to shirt to layer under your favorite blazer. Feeling a little wild? Find one with enough length and you can wear it as a dress with your favorite boots. Find here or here.

Cut-out Booties: Speaking of BOOTS, this is by far my favorite part of August being over. This boot by June Ambrose for her latest HSN collection is the kind to take you through the year. With a touch of hardware for the soul and personality, the ideal walking heel and in the multifaceted greige scheme, let the strutting ensue. Find here.

Signature Mug: It's in #girlboss code to carry your caffeine in style. 

Red Berry Lipstick: Graduate your poppy red for a deep not yet wine lip color. It's your posh piece of pop and brings every outfit you choose to sport into true fall fruition. Afghan Red by Nars has a touch of matte and is guaranteed to make your lip marks a signature for the season.

Leather Cap: The leather baseball cap is the fresh white tee to #hautehat fanatics. Leather, as common as it's become, still has a savvy factor when done outside the shoe/bag realm and worn on your head? well, have at it. Find here or here.

Pearl Three-Finger Ring: Pearls are coming in strong and being worn in not so classic forms anymore, thanks to Dior's oversized versions. Being as the pearl will forever be the ladies go to accessory in seeking femininity, this three finger ring will bring a modern twist to the classic. Find here.

Oversized Tortoise Sunny's: When going out to brave new temperatures, ensure that your face is protected. Also, next to the description of 'all in the dictionary is a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses. Karen Walker does them very well. Find here or here.

Faux Fur Phone Case: Replacing your phone case is like giving her handheld bud a makeover. I think mine should be warm and kitschy, it just fits her personality but if it's not your jam, find a case that suits your new seasonal prospective. Amazon always has a wide array. Find this one here.

Neoprene Skater Skirt: I've had dreams of pairing this weighty skirt with my favorite summer graphic tees and a leather jacket. In a neoprene make like this one from H & M, it will keep you warm on brisk nights your out on the town in your warm weather heels. When winter hits and all you want to wear is your chunky sweaters? them and this skirt will be friends. Find here.

All in all, think about goodies you need to bring into a new chapter of the year and yourself. Get creative and explore. Summer teaches us that, don't let a little wind wash it away. 

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel

p.s: I'd love to see what you come up with it! Really, I look at this stuff for fun. Send over your fall essentials to cris@thefuschiafiles.com for a chance to featured as #stylesucess superstar. #letstyle

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