Because after all we're human...

Dear Dears,

As Fashion Month is 82% said and worn, we're coming into a the habit of breathing and walking again. That comes with the changing of the season (#happy1stdayofFall), wardrobe rebottles between your sandals and fall boots and the possible breakup with your summertime nail color. In being sort of tossed into this new state of style, we realize we've been running around so madly that when we sit to breathe, air doesn't quite feel like air and the beauty that thing air is, right!? I think so too. It makes me look radiant when I do it enough. I'm sure that sitting to inhale the smell of fresh coffee in the morning delivers a certain sense of luminance and awareness to everyone.

I myself am undergoing some structural changes aside from what my new fall leather will look like, in the next few weeks (not lipo, promise). Changes that i've grabbed by the horns in the name of nirvana that I so firmly believe should come with our morning coffee. No tellszies yet but I promise to share every bit  as it unfolds because I cannot wait to see it come into fruition and inspire others to do the same. As scary, terrorizing and sometimes draining as change may be,  it's what nature intended and the process may pull the soldier out of you, like those high heels you wore to the Nylon after party, but the end result is and I promise, just stunning.

Just ask your favorite designers from this season. 

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel

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