10 Minutes in Joe Fresh

I went into Joe Fresh on my lunch break for one thing and one thing only. That emerald faux piece of leather you see below. My #fross (aka my boss that shares my same shopping addiction so that makes us friends) seeked my thoughts on the black version of this puppy but I couldn't give her any accurate advice without macking the merchandise right? So off I went into the shiny new flagship on 5th and 41st and not only did I come out a ready to scream to the world but I also came out with some more fall essentials i'll be needing and you will too.

Meet the Zip Moto of my dreams, i'm calling her Jacqueline. She costs $99 and she's a bad mamajama challenging leathers everywhere. Her fauxness makes her cost friendly, if your not so ready to splurge on a real leather, but packs a good weight and texture close enough to feel like you've done the good deed. The quilted shoulders and chunky zippers make for a little more eye candy in a still ever so classic way.

Sweatshirts are the new button-down shirt. The ultimate basic. Joe's Slim Fit style was soft and fluffy but a tight enough knit to flatter. The sight of heather-marled automatically makes for casual charm and throwing this on with your classic office trouser will easily be your weekly look forward. Not the office type? pair this with your favorite printed mini and knee high boots, watch your sass factor challenge the temperature. Oh, did I mention it' $29.99 and comes in noir? Go.

Being a scarf enthusiast, i'm always on the hunt for a new one to play with. Oversized scarves are versatile and make an instant statement to your climate state of mind. The length gives you space to get creative with your wrapping and it's width will never fight it's comfort function. It's the pretty perfect option for city girls on the go. In this navy plaid for just about your happy hr. allowance, your able to fight chilly days and brisk nights right back. I'd also sleep in this

just saying. 

Who knows what would've happened in 15 minutes right? I'm coining this place as the new basic's heaven. Basic's are the foundation of any ensemble, anytime you can try a new touch of cotton, I encourage you to. Run over the next time you have a few minutes to kill. The site is also equipt to do as much damage. Tell the cashier the mad women who was running around with the big plaid scarf and frazzled and high of cotton sent you. 

w/ love and fash,

C. Pimentel xxo

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