Chanel Spring 2015 Couture

So Karl never fails to deliver a new kind of timeless right? Like every show before this and to come, he's managed to reinvent the Chanel chić (chick) into the belle of ball. As in ball, I mean talk of the town, I mean the baddest biddie on the block.  Evoking instant emotion with intense primary colors and dreamy neutrals while mixing and matching classic silhouettes with most definite trending ones and some we'll be all over soon. Skirts ran the show. As would in a any dames wardrobe, oui? Just for fun folks, just for fun, papier-mâché inspired bouquets were playfully placed on hems and shoulder pads. Here's a fact to keep in your pocket for your next chance at fashion trivia, the floral fixtures gracing the ambiance took 6 months to develop. This girl never goes out of style, like ever. 

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