Dear 2015


ATT: The Next 365

So first,  Hello. I’ve been plotting for you subconsciously for quite some time now. Who’d I’d like to be when you arrive, how we’d merge lives when you did and what we’d accomplish together. I guess I can really start by telling you how 2014 went. It was a shifting year, not a bad one because wouldn’t that be a waste of ensembles right? But a shifting one. I let go more than I kept and I saw my own skin a lot. I decided on a lot of big things and held on to my heart and favorite things with dear life. Things like my jackets, my soul and my undying drive to be different. Pissed me off sometimes even. But what the hay, these are the things that make us special. 2014 brought so many long nights of precious, Advil entailing memories, a clear list of my flaws and a box full of flags of what makes me amazing and most importantly, I lost my ego in between but gained my composure. I know what I don’t want to do with you, you know? Before, I use to say that with reserve to where i’ve been but today I just say it with what I want. I want to win. I want to style and I want to be free doing it. Leading to my leaving the big city and shacking up at the Pimentel Palace aka Casa De Ramia aka Casa del Pueblo aka my parent’s house. One of the biggest and most unsettling choices I’ve made since deciding to be a decider to begin with. I gave up my big city life, ‘it' girl schedule and socialite dreams to start my own business as a personal stylist and consultant, spend more time with my family, write on the floor of my old bedroom and silence. Yes…silence. This matters when a girl is trying to be a #girlboss.

For my veteran #TFF’ers, I told you I’d come back to this.

Not only did I leave behind my ‘progressive’ apartment in the South Bronx and city girl timeline, but I left behind a love that I was damn dear holding on to tight.  THAT we’ll leave for another time. I left behind said love to seek a bigger love in myself. I left behind my office chair in my 38th & 5th Ave. office where I worked for one of the biggest trend forecasting agency’s in the industry. Crazy right? You know I’m crazy. But let me tell you what you’ve brought me so far that not even the 24 hr running subway system and much of 2014 couldn’t:

so much to regret that I just won't

Ramia’s coffee every morning

A live Swaying Tree soundtrack and

REAL time to reflect and the endless feeling of time and space.

But you 2015, you will bring me more, you’ll bring me:

Reality, enough to keep dreaming…Blame Carrie for this.

Ownership in my personal purpose and


and enough fuel to take any 365 day span in the future and travel to Timbuktu with it if need be.  Because I’ll become that fearless. I’m already thanking you . Thank you 2015. Thank you.  I’ve already cried in gratitude too! I can’t wait to live, bask and create into you. I can’t wait until we’re good friends and when 2016 comes around, frame you in gold. 

w/ love & fash,

-- C. Pimentel

Dress by Jovani, Jeans by AG Jeans, Jacket by Forever 21, Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

Shot by Victor Tirado

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