Because when you love something


I grow an attachment to specific particles in my lifeline. I love hard. I find that love itself is just a enlightening sensation. Applied to just about anything brings bliss into ever corner. Be it a perfect pair of socks I picked up at my neighborhood Dollar Store that got me through several flu episodes or a necklace that I came upon that never left my mind and when I gave in to it, brought magical powers to my t-shirts  (me and my stinking t-shirts, I know). These are the true soulmates.

Anyway, today, i'm pulling out my personal Picasso for you. Picasso by name really, a cousin named it that a family party once and everyone found the title to be quite fitting. Me and P met how much of us stumble upon the loves of our lives. I was strolling the mall one Friday and popped into my local H&M which at the time was my beacon (and only source aside from St. Vincent's Thrift) for über cool finds. I walked by the rack, looking but not embracing and we locked sights. My heart literally skipped a beat. How could something so perfect be so physical, so tangible…girl, SO WEARABLE. How have I walked this Earth without this piece of utter eclectic gold and lived to see another outing. It was such dramatic, such intimate, such enchanting, it was. Ask the associate who was coming out of the fitting room and asked if I needed recitative assistance. I found my composure and walked over to meet her face to face. I felt her standing boat-neck collar, caressed the printed canvas and literally played goggly eyes with the magenta, cerulean and violet personalities. Then I met with the price tag. 


16 year old me, just got my first pay check from my summer job me, needing the new Tmobile G1 me, Mom's favorite retailer was Old Navy Me. Just couldn't. I felt like my heart had been clenched so hard and loosening the grip only felt worse. I stared at her in a gaze for quite some time, I knew we had to part. When I did walk away, the rest of the mall, the ride home, the day, the world and my wardrobe were just grey. Ugh, i'd envision myself with my ironic basics, and how they'd, together, balance out my madness. How she'd sit perfectly with navy sweatpants, my white low-top Air Forces and in due time, hang with my perfect pump in absolute unison. It took a couple days to come back to full flamboyant form, imagine, i'd met my outerwear soulmate in the only place I would. Anywho, summer comes and goes as did my paychecks and  before I knew it, school shopping was upon us. A sport my mother and I always tag teamed for. We'd go around our favorite stores and weed out the perfect yet fiscal well rounded assortment. Exhaling from an attack on Forever 21, we passed the doors at H&M and with an appropriate double take, there was the Pre-School Sales Rack and looking a little closer, their was P. Staring me right in the eye. Just her, all her brothers and sisters had found homes, but she was waiting for me, I just knew it and if I needed more confirmation than that, lighting hit me. Well, not only was she waiting for me but twas was her new pricetag of $19.99. My walk to the cash wrap was more like a walk down the aisle and as my mom rolled her eyes as per ensemble choice usually, I passed my card to the praising cashier and told her 'Just this…'. I hung her up like a trophy, like a piece of art. I had won. We were finally together and would be, showstopping scenario after the next. 

Today, it's been about 6 years and counting and we've had many sightings, celebrations and struts down the street together and each time feels like the first. I pull her out when I don't want to try, when I need her to carry me through the day and when I want to bask in something so connecting like a white tee, jeans and well, the perfect jacket.  She always does the deed. 

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xxo