So it's been snowing cats and dogs where i'm residing, so by choice or not i've had to get creative with my time indoors. I'm a firm believer in magic. We've talked about this before remember? Not Houdini magic but the magic we are able to create within ourselves. The  magic that takes us from one person to evolving into another. We have every ability to design our next move. our next outfit, our next skin. Due to the weather, our next PJ's right? I'll be honest, with life a-rut and the shifting mine, i've put off giving back to my trusty vision. Focusing on the present can take us from our floating personas. Sometimes it takes unforeseen circumstances to allow us the time to work on our soul versus the next endeavor.

Well, in listening to my routine Marie Forleo skits, she mentioned an exercise she uses with her staff called The Painted Picture, she took from the book Double, Double by Cameron Herald, where you hyperlasp your life to 3 years ahead and grasp exactly what that looks like. What will your life look like? What kind of business will you be apart of? What will your revenue stream look like? What colors will the walls of your master bedroom be? Going into raw, precise details of the future you want to build not only makes it so tangible but this entire experience is quite the invigorating one. Especially after 48 hours of your plain ole four walls. Visualization is proven to bring us to living into our own glorious form. 

Things You'll Need:

- a super duper cute notebook or your personal journal

- A pen, a super smooth one. One that glides so your thoughts will. 

- A quiet space 

- Some background music. What soothes you? Juan Luis Guerra or Eckhart Tolle? Anything that'll channel sparks in your brain.

Next, go ahead and visualize that next version of you. Share your list with one of your favorite people, inspire them to do the same and begin to grow your life where your heart is. Tis the season!

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xxo