Love like Fashion & how to keep yours

In the time of love, we start to connect all dots this time of season. We witness how love has a way of seeping into our daily routines more apparently than we like to admit. I'd like to admit, that in this gap of my soul-searching as a budding something,  I've been hit with by cupid many times. In regards to every aspect of this budding thing. What makes an icon? what creates an electric business structure? what drives us to change the world around us? quite simply, it's the love for it. In our fuzzy fashion bubble, those whom have changed the lines of history are the players who only played with love. Loved their ideas, dreams and inspirations so hard, it became their stamp on the world. Lived by it and created only with it. Those whom have struck the test of time, trends and trial and error are them. Even pertaining to your personal style, when you create it with the love of what you naturally bring, you shine above any crowd or fad. As told by designer, soulstress, the one to honor for Michelle Obama's Inaugural swag and a personal prolific hero to the pelo malo's, Isabel Toledo, from her novel Roots of Style, here's how you keep your fashion:

- Keep your mystery. Value your style secrets as you would your family jewels. This is your personality. 

- Try dressing from the bottom up: I let my shoes set the mood. This gives me the sense of proportion and helps inform my body language for the day. Get to know who you are in platforms, sneakers, stiletto heels  or sensible walking shoes. By aligning your mood to your shoes, you amplify your ability to communicate. 

- Pockets are your best friends. I insist in having pockets in most things I make and wear for practical reasons. I also find pockets help give women body language and a certain authority. That said, I grow older, I find that knowing how to use your hands is an art in itself. This separate the woman from girls.

- Don't be afraid of being appropriate. It has become a dirty word in fashion and style talk. But for me, being appropriate means simply being in touch with the moment. When you are in touch with the moment, you communicate effortlessly. 

- In fashion, all wrongs are one day right.

- An organized closet provides a bird's eye view of who you are. Your eyes will quickly spot the color or texture the silhouette that your unconsciously fashion instinct is requesting. Always follow your instinct. 

- When designing, I don;t aim for contemporary. I love the timeless; this becomes contemporary when needed.

- Learn to love your ugly ducklings. Your creative mistakes contain the seeds of your future successes, so do not discard them. 

- My fashion mantra, if I have one at all, is amuse and confuse, relax and enjoy. 

So it goes, follow the you, you love. You'll always make the best impression.

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xxo


Looking for a good love story? The guy in the shot above in Ruben Toledo, her personal illustrator, her long-lasting business partner and the love of her life. 

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