Girlfriend to girlfriend: What's your bodytype?

Understanding what your working with is key to conquering your wardrobe and every ensemble you take for a run. Everything we own should highlight, insinuate and enhance what our mama's granted us. The trick to nailing your own fit is understanding the union of line, balance and proportion. This is when we stop dressing to an idealized vision and begin to hit the nail on the head every time we dress ourselves. This girlfriend, is when personal style blossoms. Once you've explored and arrived to your body type destination, your style will become effortless, timeless and unique. Season to season, you'll know exactly what neckline and pant width works because you'll have that visual blueprint in the back of your head before picking up a garment. Now, most guides compare our figures to shapes or fruits, i've compiled a mix with some style icons to get our brains brainstorming about your next ensemble on the town upon impact of this text. Here's a guide to figuring YOU out:

Body A (The Hourglass): This is your casual curvasious type. Top + hip hearty and tiny mid way. Fitted silhouettes live on your womanly figure. Garments that stretch, anything high-waisted and wrap anywhere in the center flatter the most. This also usually means a shorter torso, so showing off some leg will instantly elongate your figure. Photo tip: Posé with your legs close together, at an angle, and your hands at your hips, the eyes your beholder will jump back and fourth from the smallest part of your body (lé waist) to your legs.  #goddess


Ulyana Sergeenko: 

Nadia Aboulson:

Body B (The Triangle): Your hips don't lie and your most likely in an avid contender of the itty-bitty-comittee. What your goal is? Create yourself a shape up top to succeed at proportioning. Structure at the shoulders are your friend (quote me). Layering is your steez and bright colors or  savvy contrast are always alright. #rockon

Jessica Alba:



Kahlana Barfield:

Body C (The Inverted Triangle): Otherwise known as the Supermodel fit of the 90's. Ask Naomi and Linda E. Your bosoms and shoulders are your natural statement. To achieve the ideal linear experience with this body type, creating structure from your waist down is key. A wider leg cut or an interesting bottom will take the focus off of your upper area and will carry the eye from top. #byebyegooglyeyes

Clair Sulmers:

Victoria Beckham:

Drew Barrymore:


Body D (The Rec): Everything hangs on you and you should (if you don't already) get creative! You can pick your top or bottom half to run the show. Dig within and hone in on what your preference is. What your assignment is? Create a silhouette and have fun with it. Styles A-Z are your playground. Belts are your go-to accessory, invest in a good one. Leather in either black or brown will fall short of holy when your looking to create a waist on a shirtdress or find your hips on that perfect skinny + blouse combo. This the most common body type amongst women athletes and actresses on the movie screen as well! #havefun

Soo Joo:

Anne Hathaway:

Chiara Ferrangi:

Plus -Size + Petites: Any shape can apply wether your a size 00 or a 16, just explore which applies to you best and shimmy on with your bad self.

Mira Duma: #petitepower


Tess Henley: #teamplussize


w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xo


Find your shape, play around with your wardrobe at home and send a pic of your #stylesuccess to! Remember, you can always get creative once your palette has been cleared of any grey area.