My Afternoon at Estherchìc

Where you go to establish your chíc….no really, I got a full signature facial, waxed my stache and indulged in my first brazilian. yup, #bible

Yudith, that's what you can call her when you go in as well. She's founder aka #girlboss of her own in-house brand, YEA Cosmetics and Estherchíc, the shiny-glam tickled shop  in the heart of downtown Lawrence, where you can get anything from hair removal services, a complete skincare tuneup or your new favorite lipstick. I was welcomed with smiles, fresh orchids and the scent of a biggest blueberry farm in the land. Once in the esthetician room, Mama Y wiped my face of all excess oils with cute round sponges then gave me a pumpkin spice scrub to soften all the dead skin sitting on my face, you heard right, we have LAYERS of dead skin sitting on our facial palettes due to sun damage, lack of routine cleaning and weak products we pick up at Walgreens (sorry big guys). Without tending to, it will accumulate and almost close to reject any skincare regimen we instill. Then she introduced me to a microdermabrasion treatment, where she used a suction device to pick up the excess residue. Then she gave me a papaya mask filled with enzymes to feed my new layer the right goodies right away. She proceeded with a Vitamin C peel, exclusive to Estherchíc clients, to provide my pores with the tendencies necessary to give me a supple new layer to work with.  She then finished off with a hydrating mask to have me walking out of there with a natural, illuminating glow that brought me from Morticia to Bey, real quick.  With a complete smile of personal satisfaction, Yudith closed our session with what she calls her signature, her little touch on the world of wellness. A massage going from my temple to temple with natural healing oils . You may not be a spiritual player like mua, but you'll take absolute pleasure in connecting with the scents, energy, and ambiance of her homemade oil and her heart. 


even though I was having a fabulous experience thus far, I was counting down every second to this moment in the back of my mind. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about? That inevitable sensation of sitting in "it's too late to run?" and "this isn't going to be so bad...I hope" well, I was already here and although I had dreaded this moment for most of my womenhood, it was now or never and if anyone would be responsible for bringing me into this new stage of freedom, Yudith would be the one. Still in a trance from her temple massage. she explained that this would hurt, without a doubt, but the relief will be grand and the pep in my step will be irreplaceable. So it goes….she asks me to undress from the waist down and settle under her white towel. She began by powdering me up to dry excess sweat, I'm naturally sweaty and I guess she was able to tell how nervous I was (if you get my drift). On came the wax to my inner thigh. She smiled and said "It's was a pleasure to take me on this journey". SWOOSH. There went the first piece of naive fuzzy swag.  She went section to section talking to me about the ingredients in the wax and how they would set in my skin wonderfully to enhance my new face of found freedom, only stopping to warn me of when to take deep breaths. Rip after a rip, I felt more invincible. Soon enough, the pain was faint and Yudith was confirming that I looked beautiful, clean, precise and girls?  I felt down right powerful. Come meet the team at this hub of enriching beauty and come meet your bad - rejuvenated self from your skin to your skivvies. Tell Yudith & the girls I sent you! #tffapproved

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xo