Hi, my name is Cristina & i'm a #tshirtqueen.

I'm sure we've talked about this a trillion times but my t-shirt game is one of those things I can't live without. T-shirts to me are like that cocktail ring for you. That dark jean, those wood clogs your strutting into summer #3 owning, that scarf THAT JUST GOES. I'm going to ring your ear this time about finding your essential. It'll make anyway a sunnier day. #pinkyprom

This was one of the first REAL S/S days I can own up to. I mean when I walked onto my porch that morning I just knew the season was in full entry mode. I got the instant urge to show some leg, to splash some color and to put a combination together that spoke my syncing with the sun. What did I do? Reached for the one that didn't get away. My special Marc Jacobs tee (makes me do a happy dance every wear), was itching to make a scene and paired with an archive F21 skirt that never fails to fit and sit just below micro length, made a girl feel like she could take the day. I had a full one ahead of me so I needed to think rationally with my shoe choice but again, I was feeling sassy. Nude heel ankle strap sandal it was and my, did it work out divine like.

Tying a plaid shirt round my waist was just a way to compliment my dear tee and add a casual factor to my daytime glam message. I was subconsciously playing homage to my dear tee. Bringing it further than that thing I pair with my skinnies or lay around in leggings in. Shoot, we've even had some sleepovers. I wanted to make my tee feel as glamourous as I was feeling. That's the thing about those articles that define your personal style. You can take them anywhere in anyway and they do the deed. What's yours? Mine will make me feel glamourous when i'm not equipt to or the perfect item to bring the shine on unto. Find your thing - over and out <3

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photo 3.JPG

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xo

Tee - Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar, similar, similar)  | Skirt - F21 (similarsimilar) | Ankle Heel Sandal - Lolashoetique | Lipstick (Malida) - YEA Cosmetics