5 Things I Learned by 25.

My 25th birthday is one of those days I knew I'd remember. Proactive thinker as I've always been, aka inpatient, I would pray for age. I would plan in advance, envision what I'd be, and even set-up what kind of ensembles I should be sporting decade to decade. Let's say age and aging was a constant conversation in my head.  However, above the numbers on my belt, I've picked up some invaluable notches along the way.

1. Embellish Your Goals

Planning is sexy, we must set ourselves up for the success we seek but being realistic about how those goals are met is key. I planned to be a Celíne Bag Carrying - Mega Million - Trail Blazing Super Star Stylist by the age 23. I didn't consider the fact I'd still be in college and trying to figure out what the heck debt actually meant. Everyone's path is different and applying your own gems will lead to building real goals to create real results towards the life you desire. Find your planning language, are you a physical planner kind of person? or do you need alerts on your mobile device for everything? Do you work best with lists or timelines? Whatever it is, edit your technique to your needs ad watch how you soar boldly towards those things you've always wanted. Oh and don't forget to give yourself time to LIVE, real, raw experience is the best teacher.


2. Be Good at What You're Good At: 

Listen, social media imbeds a certain perception in our heads. One in which we have to nail the right angles on the sea side rock in Greece to have THE picture. What if i'm not a photographer? What if I just don't want to be? I'm a stylist by nature-by trade-by soul. I love to make people feel beautiful, but place me in front of a camera as a muse and watch me turn into a comedian, and not on purpose. What am I good at? Bringing the good out of souls I have the chance to touch. Finding that pant you thought never existed. I'm really, really good at that and THAT is just enough.

3. Stop, Drop and Breathe:

We all have as much hours in the day as Mama Bey. It's also our rightful duty to be as graceful as she; taking over the world. It's true. But how does she slayfully handle the world as smoothly as she does? She keeps it hella cool. Your mind works better when you're gracefully calm than when your're frazzled. It's just a fact. Believe me, there are very few moments when my mind isn't running as fast as a gold-medalist. I mean between outfit choices, client appointments and making my bed in the morning like my daddy taught me, it's hard to constantly keep it all together. But we must conquer our chaos. Taking a deep breathe literally revitalizes the mind, like a reset button! Keep breathing girl. You got this.

4. Mistakes are Magical:

I love being a student. I love to read facts from a book, and I will embrace someone else's personal process with an open heart. However, it was impossible for me to look my mistakes in the eye. It's hard to shake your mistakes in the hand and make peace with what they mean to your current character. But guess what? IT'S OK. Mistakes are living, breathing, proof that we have the balls to try something we don't know. When I let my pride monster go like a bad blazer, the canvas of my life became so much more beautiful. I started to experience the wonders of the world around me and it has inspired me to create results in myself, that I'm so-uber-mega proud of. Join the unicorn trail please.

5. Find Your Fit:

So a good jean will take you from night to day, errands to partay, and high-to-low. I even enjoy cuddling in the right pair (thank you AG Jeans). Same goes with any blazer, your circle and your personal space. With age, I've learned there are just certain things that simply fit me better than others. There are certain things I just shine better in. So will you! And that is fabulous! Explore what makes you feel the sexiest, the sassiest, the most confident and the most comfortable. There is the perfect fit for each and every one of us in the world. Never feel like you need to conform. Instead, find your own... and OWN it! There's only one of you, pay homage to that fact. 

Embracing your personal process is as important as your personal style. Take the time to explore it and embellish it along the way. Picture life less as a race and more like a runway. You want to feel your best strutting through it, so GO.

w/ love & flash,

C. Pimentel




Photography by Rich Wired, Floral Set by Yannery Burgos, Black Denim & Shirtdress by Target, Boldly Tee Avail. Here, Shoes by Lolashoetique

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