A Bold Guide to Self-Gifting

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen

Tis the season to put your giving bug into full throttle.

Before emptying up your cup and your bank, have you treated yourself in a special way this year? It's the perfect time to do so, Self Love was one of my favorite trending topics this year, not only because it's an excuse to spoil yourself in a magical + enlightening way with whatever floats your boat because it allows you the opportunity to explore...what floats your boat. How sweet?

Self gifting allows us to put a focus on acknowledging our needs and maybe indulging in some of our own Wish List. Like a really funky bag that turns some heads or a moisturizer made of the finest mother of Pearl that will make you feel like Queen Elizabeth herself. These are treats will bring excitement to your routine, the next major event on your books or pick you up after a rough day. These are investments into yourself. Here, go #treatyoself

1) Arm Candy:

The Pink Hex by  Doris Dorothea

The Pink Hex by Doris Dorothea

A handbags states something about your personality and where you're going. It's make, color, shape and size has a purpose being, if to hold all your daily essentials or your Freakum lipstick and you decide boldly what that feels and looks like. It's the perfect accessory to set the tone to your look, destination and year to come, so why not give yourself permission to carry a serious one.

Get yourself a bag that says 'your coming out', it will always make your day. Doris Dorothea makes arm candy that will surely make the world make way for you and everything you have to bring. 


2) Intimates & Some


Intimates set you up for your most intimate moments. 

Treat yourself to some delicious examples of what that make your feel special, sexy and smooth. For example, lingerie brings out your spirit animal from within therefore igniting your confidence, we know what you can accomplish when your feeling fierce. Shapewear enhances those parts you love about yourself or helps you deal with those areas that you don't. Commando makes a bodysuit for the #gawds. It's layer-friendly, made with knit fairies so your always being supported and great for days you just need to turn it up. Delicious PJ's can bring out the bring out the Bey in you. When deciding what's the best option for either of these categories think C O M F O R T, function and quality. That's the goal.


5) Glow-Up Goods

Copper Rose  by Maybelline's Metallics Collection

Copper Rose by Maybelline's Metallics Collection

Beauty products not only fulfill our skin's dryness but the fairy QUEEN living inside of you. Explore your color palettes, formulas, curl type and have a party. Treat yourself to a few items that will amp up your mornings and your next night out. For myself, there's no better feeling than laying my edges perfectly with Curl's Passion Fruit Control Paste. It's a small investment but it smells like a dream, set's like Gorilla Glue AND is nourishing. 

Want to really up your self-love beauty game a notch? ONE word.

F E N T Y.

Santa has your back. 


6) A Journal + Planning Material

The Day Designer -  Jungle Out There

The Day Designer - Jungle Out There

Opportunity caters to a prepared mind. 

Planners are great but pretty planning material really set the mood for your boldest success, whatever that means in your book. I've made it a ritual to take an hour at the beginning of each week to write down all my appointments, goals and priorities for the week to come so not only am I clear on where my energy is going but it makes my future moves physical. Day Designer's planner's keep you #bookedandblessed, with daily affirmations and scheduling templates to account for your time efficiently. 


6) Soul Food

Self-love opens up your senses and soul to a new world of fuel.

Aromatherapy has the power to ease tension, sage can clear a room of bad vibes and healing crystals can certain areas of your mind + body the TLC it needs. Personal Development books can also set you on a fresh track of discovery and bad-assness just in time fort the new year.  Jen Sincero's literature has ignited not only my fiery potential but awareness that with channeling the right mentality and placing focus where it belongs, life can be fruitful and fulfilling. All that from a book technically titled with a curse word.  Surround yourself with food for your soul. 

7) power shoes

Remy by Jos Thirteen

Remy by Jos Thirteen

Cardi B taught us that making money moves in bloody shoes can make for quite the glow-up. The right pair of shoes can take you from desktop to bar top, low to high, drab to fab. The right shoe can make a girl feel like she can take over the world. Treat yourself to a pair that's exciting yet versatile and quality matters. If you can really afford to invest putting a pep in your step, do it. A good shoe does a long way.  

Happy Shopping + Happy Holidays

w. love & fash,

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