#OOTD: Shine, Daily.

Hi Beautiful.

I hope you have been as busy, enlightened and engulfed with growth as I have. Life can go FAST but it's important to always bring your own dose of shine, through a new hobby, a new set of goals to motivate you or an obnoxious sequin jacket for shock value. Take some time today, tomorrow or when you feel ready and spoil yourself with a little something that makes you feel alive. This jacket is a little piece of good-grace I keep in the back of closet for when I need to make a point to myself. This specific piece makes me feel strong, bold and ballsy all at the same time. What pieces in your wardrobe make you feel confident enough to face the world? Maybe you don't have anything like that (yet) but what are you granting yourself that can provide you this kind of confidence? We all deserve it, even you!

Pairing it with these jeans makes it cool and casual but really, I would've wore a t-shirt. Playing with these stripes though, was another boost to my ego.That's the thing about pushing the envelope, you surprise yourself into CONFIDENCE. 

DSC_0886 copy.jpg

I've been obsessed with plexy footwear since my first pair of plastic booties from Papa Jeffrey Campbell circa 2012. As trendy as they are now, I think it's a pretty classic take on statement footwear, why not? These transparent chunky sandals are my new favorites to play with because they make such a cool statement but never take away from anything you pair them with. Their also quite comfortable, being ballsy shouldn't compromise your comfort. You heard it here mamacita. 

So GO, make a statement in a way that aligns with you and your soul, because life is way too short to just be busy and basic. 

w/ love & fash,


Jacket Found on Etsy

Jeans by Mossimo

Shoes by EGO Official

Shirt by The Vault

Bib Necklace by Sugar Fix

Sunglasses by Sunglass Spot

Shot by H. Medrano