How To Style Your Life.

Hey Beautiful, 

I just had another birthday, I mean WE did (#launchiversary) and I seriously had to get clear. Get clear on WHERE ARE WE? How are you doing? What will we be and How Sway? I had to take a personal closet cleanse  of my goals, intentions.... and even my look. I did it my way, took the time to have the conversation with myself, asked a few tough questions about my past and present choices, cried hard in awareness and gratitude, then broke the ice and started looking  smack-dab at my best chapter.  No one's journey is clear of confusion, doubt or inconsistency but I keep hearing that you are not the cards you dealt but the how you play them. 

1. Get Clear + Get Focused

Life can get crazy, like rock your world, whoop-whoop crazy. Your cables can get crossed and instead of killing that deadline coming up, the thought of it makes you want to just slow down with some pizza. We were brought to this Earth to be something and that something can mean alot of things, maybe at the same time. that doesn't mean you lose your stance of awesomeness. Killing one goal may require you to a do an abundance of small tasks to achieve. That's not going to stop. I write lists, about everything, so I that I can see exactly what I need to do to gain a client. 

Ask Yourself:

What can you do that is going to set your intention clear so you can gracefully manage whatever you have to do? Practices like calendar alerts, whiteboard art, Post-It's or a certain workout, make whatever "Elephant in The Room" a piece of cake to get through. Plus, your days just feel better and more enjoyable when you get focused.



2. Follow Your Dreams: Literally. (Thank Me later) 

 As cliché as it is, we now live in a society where #worklifebalance is philanthropic. It's actually scientifically proven that when you fulfill an a long-time dream or goal, you're naturally a happier, more infectious person. So what's that adventure you've been meaning to atleast look into? A new hair color, A cheesy yoga retreat, a girl's trip with your college pals or a kitchy Etsy shop?  


DO IT. You'll inspire everyone around you to do the same and the next thing you know, you'll be rolling with the coolest CEO, small business owners or just amazing people in town. Maybe you have a dress in the closet you've been meaning to pull out but never had the occasion to wear it.




3. Stop Wasting Time - It's Precious

As intangible as the world may seem, your personal clock is still ticking. What will you do with your run? How will you make your time on this Earth count? Waiting for the right time, the right opportunity, the right relationship or the right job will only starve of you realizing and playing in your best potential of creating your own life. We live a DIY world, so what do you have to illuminate so you can live your best life? You only have a humble + 146 years (oldest man alive) to do your thing, don't waste a minute not feeling special. 


4. Push a Purpose. Whatever One, You Pick

Find a hobby, a new circle of pals, a sport, a brand, an art or an era to support and DO IT UP. Detach from your regular programming and embrace something that's special to YOU. One of mine is being apart of the Beyhive and another one is to make real women feel like rockstars on a normal basis through their wardrobe decisions. I deeply believe that galleries are meant to discovered and the world to be traveled, meaning I will invest, research and indulge in these areas outside of my personal and professional commitments. Non-profits and communtity circles are also great incentives to get behind. These interest not embellish your free-time but they'll also influence your perspective outside of your own sense. Whenever I need an 'oomph' during the day, Beyonce's guided slaycopedia, FORMATION is my caffeinated fix to keep pushing forward and conquer any bump in my day. There's so many passion projects you can get behind, pick one and have a party. 


5. Work on Your Spirit: It Counts

Mental Health is not a joke and it is not to be ignored, none the less. Your mind is such a wondrous place, use it to it's best potential. We lose too many brilliant people because their lost in theirs due to lack of paying attention to what makes you work. 

Be present, practice faith, bask in gratitude, connect with Mother Earth and take a break, you deserve it.

Breathe often and do the whole shabang. Your spirit is a muscle and it needs as much TLC as any other one. A simple sniff of seabreeze can even do the trick, just find that core in you that makes you work and make you feel good. Practice meditation that works for you, do yoga so your body is free of tension, drink your favorite wine once a week or get outside for a walk. I like to practice visualization because I like to daydream about my future closet context in real-life.

So how can all this make you look amazing everyday right? When your happy, your best #glowup starts to form like magic. The stresses of your day-today will become another battle where you were victorious. You look your best because you feel your best and that's a process in it's self but if you go searching, you WILL find.  


w. love & fash,