Love Yourself Boldly: Collaboration w/ TOBI


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

– Buddha

We are in an inevitable season of change, including everything from the weather to your seasonal wardrobe must-haves. This is the perfect opportunity to take the reigns of your own style and to make personal magic happen somewhere in your spectrum. Although I'm not a massive new year resolution enthusiasts, I'm gung-ho about goal setting and not just professionally either. Actually, my latest hobby is setting goals for my personal necessities. In honor of 2018, I decided to throw full focus unto myself and get as serious as a heart attack about what I need to bring into fruition to reach Fuschia-fied Nirvana. These included making Cardio work outs non-negotiable, carrying my healing stones around like the latest Neverfull, re-programming my inner language to sound like Super Soul Sunday all the time, making skincare bae and drumroll please....


Wear more skirts.


Facts are, I can tell anyone, including Mrs. Obama herself, to own your insecurities and wear them out of existence. Even I, however, go into hermit-mode about leaving the norms of my t-shirt and blazer combinations. I've always loved my thunder thighs and 'mujeron' legs but with gaining a little weight and the strain of much years in retail, I became very comfortable just always opting for a good pant. When evaluating what I can shift within my walls to be BOLDER than life, I noticed I had very little garments, that I loved anyway, that made me sport my legs out and about. So here's the thing about challenging habits and creating shifts, you have to start subtle. How can you ease into trying something that may make you UBER uncomfortable?

Pair with something that makes you feel like home.

In my case, an oversized blazer is my best friend in garment form. Supportive in any situation, from meeting to meet-up, it's the perfect polish to any outfit combination. As I'm feeling the breeze of my brave decision to bare these legs, my blazer gives me length, personality and an extra layer of "You Got This". This can be a necklace, belt, jacket or shoe that holds some sentimental value. Use this something, that will provide instant comfort even while you're going against the grain.  


Entertain Your Attraction

I haven't always been scared to bare my legs and bust a strut. As a matter of fact, it's probably one of the parts of myself that make me feel the sexiest. Due to the extra jiggle though, I didn't want the extra attention but facing this complex head first, has motivated my fitness and self-love journey all the way up. I love a good lace-up anything, what's a style or detail you've always loved but let go due to your own self-doubt? Pull it in close and face it.

Embrace it. 

Ok, by now you've travelled your mental closet and acknowledged the elephant in the back of it. Maybe it's your skinny jeans, that good ole sequin dress, those beloved spike heels that make you embody Queen Bey herself once the straps are secured. Whatever style, color, print or cut that you've been avoiding like the plague, give it a try. Allow yourself to be reinvigorated by conquering your insecurities and not giving any notice. Make it a point to do this often, build your wardrobe with contexts that inspire and uplift. So when you need a boost or reminder of your magic, you can step out and into this version of you.  


Explore brands & retailers like Tobi, that play on your body type, personality and style preference will always deliver the extra oomph. They'll become the mecca for shopping items that turn your sass meter through the roof and that is #goalsaf. Challenging yourself to break your binds and wearing something that may scare you is both empowering and invigorating. Along with amping up my work-out wardrobe, i'll be baring my legs all year long. I hope you'll join me in being brazen.

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w/ love & fash,

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Lace-up Skirt by Tobi

T-shirt by Le Vault

Blazer by Brooks Brothers (Vintage)

Sweater Dress by Tobi

Metallic Pumps by Who What Wear

Knee-High Boots by Ego Official

Photography by Harlyn Medrano